Fashionable & Classy at Greystone Mansion

Harry & Kathy


A message from the bride

Describe your experience with finding the perfect location for your PreWedding Session: I focused more on finding and hiring a competent photographer. A talented photographer can create magic regardless of the location.

Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills has always been a favorite venue of mine. When it came time to choose where we were going to do our session, it just felt right!

I feel like you can get different styles of photos there, from high fashion to candid shots of you & your fiance just being yourselves!

What are your recommendations/tips for couples before/during their PreWedding Session?: Have fun at the session with Rene - don’t take it so seriously, let loose and have a great time, remember - you are about to marry the love of your life!

Interesting/fun facts about the couple or session : We were both students in Arizona and first met on a Southwest flight traveling to Burbank!

Harry & Kathy had the quintessential “meet cute”. Both of them from Los Angeles, studying in Arizona, met at the perfect time in their lives. Love stories like this, are incredible to hear and are sheer fate!

Describe the moment he proposed: Harry proposed on my birthday in Scottsdale, Arizona where we originally met. I was super emotional and overwhelmed by how well he had executed the entire proposal, such a perfect day! Lucky me!

Finding the right glam squad: Do your research! When it comes to your PreWedding Session and your Wedding Day is important you find someone you can trust with your most important days. Also, that they understand what look you are going for.


Photography: Rene Zadori Photography

PreWedding Session Location: Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills

Hair Stylist: Lucy Vie

Makeup Artist: Elizabeth Seropian

Rene Zadori