Los Angeles Workshop

Spring 2018 / May 29

Based on overwhelming requests, our first Los Angeles Workshop is here! There will be a limited amount of seats available for this workshop and is on a first-come first-serve basis. In this workshop, we will cover portraiture, natural lighting, posing, and overcoming the challenges of a photoshoot. This two-part workshop will begin at our offices in a conference style setting to go over photography basics and best practices, then we will head out for a real shoot on location to get some first-hand experience with Rene Zadori!



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Learn how to enhance your skills to create a business of your very own! 


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$950 Total Investment with $500 Deposit due at booking *Non-Refundable*

Questions & Answers

What is included?
This $950 investment includes one full day of information and an on location shoot with Rene Zadori. Also included are two models which will pose as a newly engaged couple for the second part of the workshop. Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided during the first part of the workshop. Lunch will not be provided – however once we take a break to go on the photoshoot, you will have time to take lunch near San Gabriel Mission

Will this be a large workshop?
No. This workshop will be more of an intimate group collaboration where you can work directly with Rene Zadori. We will have time during the first part of the workshop at the office, as soon as the class is over, to answer all your questions. During the on location shoot, Rene Zadori will be available to answer any and all questions, and will ensure you are setup the best way possible to capture your best images.

What will this specific workshop cover? 
This specific workshop will start with a short discussion class for 2 hours, then a 5-hour on location at the historical San Gabriel Mission to cover Natural Light Portraiture with our models. The first part of the workshop, there will be discussion of Portrait Photography 101 - including lighting, posing, communication, best practices, and a photography basics refresher. The second part of the workshop will cover Natural Light Portraiture, with an emphasis on directing couples during a portrait session, specifically a PreWedding session. We will start the shoot with difficult & undesirable lighting situations where Rene Zadori will discuss and showcase how to overcome these issues. The second part of the shoot will take place in favorable lighting situations and will show you how to take advantage of sunset & "magic hour". If you are a Los Angeles Photographer, this is a great way for you to shoot at one of Los Angeles's hidden gems.

What should I bring with me to the workshop? 
Try to pack light and only bring essentials. Notebook and pen for notes, your laptop, your camera setup for the photoshoot, and remember to wear comfortable clothing for the day.

I’m new to portrait/wedding photography, do you think this is the right workshop for me? 
Yes, we welcome a wide range of photographers, from intermediate and students photographers to working professionals. There is always room to learn. Working directly with Rene Zadori, you will learn his trade secrets that you can apply to your blooming business.

Is this workshop going to be on digital or film?  
This specific workshop will cover only digital photography, so please bring your digital photography gear. 

What will be the start and end time of this workshop? 
This workshop will be held on May 29, 2018. We will start promptly at 11:00 am and wrap up shooting around 7:30 pm, right when the sun fully sets. After the shoot is complete, there will be a 30-minute Q&A where you will have an opportunity to ask any/all questions. The workshop will be fully complete at 8:00 pm.

Where will the session take place?
We will start at Rene Zadori’s office (225 E Broadway, Glendale CA) at 11:00 am. We will leave for the on location shoot at the historic San Gabriel Mission at 1:15 pm. We will reconvene at 2:30 pm at San Gabriel Mission. This will give you enough time to get to the San Gabriel area and have lunch. Once everyone meets at 2:30 pm, we will begin the Natural Lighting Portraiture photoshoot with our two models, and we will go all over the property. We will shoot until the sun sets around 7:30 pm.

Will the transportation to/from locations be provided? 
No. It will be a 25-30 drive to San Gabriel Mission from our office in Glendale, so feel free to drive yourself, carpool, or Uber.

Can I use the captured images in my own professional portfolio? 
Yes of course you may, but only if: they are credited as being photographed with the Rene Zadori Workshop. There will be no other exceptions.

What if my equipment gets stolen or lost during the workshop? 
Hopefully this does not happen. However, you are responsible for all of the cameras and other equipment you bring with you, so please make sure you are careful and to be safe. We would recommend making sure that it is also insured.

What should we wear? Is there a dress code?
Feel free to wear anything that you feel comfortable shooting in. Jeans or dress pants, comfortable shoes, and something to keep warm incase it gets cold.

Will there wifi at Rene Zadori’s office? 
Yes, of course! 

How do we pay for the workshop?
Your total investment is $950. The non-refundable deposit of $500 is due once your seat in the workshop is confirmed by our team. Once confirmed, you will receive payment instructions. The remaining balance of $450 will be due a week before the workshop.

Is the deposit refundable?
Due to limited seats & availability, the deposit is non-refundable.