Romance by the Sea

Sarin & Sahak


A message from the bride

Describe your experience with finding the perfect location for your PreWedding Session.
I contacted Rene’s team and asked him to help me find an exquisite spot that has not really been used before. Rene suggested a couple Villas from and helped me reduce my options down to a the most fabulous ones. I then began writing a pro's and con's list for each villa to eliminate down to the best one for us.

What are your recommendations/tips for couples before/during their PreWedding Session? 
Tell the photographer what you want! Rene was able to work with me to capture romantic, editorial, sexy and fun pictures. Try to make the photo session as fun as possible, because you will never be able to relive that exact moment. Take in all the fun, laugh as much as possible and get ready for some serious posing!


Describe the moment he proposed.
It's a funny story! We were in New York for Easter and the Saturday before Easter we went walking in Central Park to kill time until my parents and sister got dressed to meet us at the Park Plaza for brunch. It was pretty cold outside and I was constantly complaining about the cold, but he kept telling me to just enjoy the moment and the view as we were standing on top of one of the bridges and overlooking the small river. As we stopped to enjoy the view a lady tapped me on my shoulder and asked if she could photograph us as she was preparing a portfolio of couples for her graduate program. I said sure! As she kept photographing us, Sahak told her to start taking only pictures of me as he did not want to be captured in anymore photos. The photographer asked me to pretend I was looking away from the camera and towards the river, and to slowly turn around when she told me to. As I began to turn, I noticed Sahak was down on one knee and our family was beginning to pop out of bushes from random areas of the park. It was very romantic and I was in complete shock!


Interesting/fun facts about the couple or session: Rene and his team were very quick and creative with all the shots. They used almost every single part of the 17th century inspired villa to capture very intimate and romantic poses and made the session fun. This exclusive villa was loaded with tons of artifacts and special furniture pieces from the 17th century and from all parts of Europe. And we loved that it was overlooking the ocean.



PreWedding Session Location: Palisades Villa via Wedding Estates
Hair Stylist: Diana Arakelyan at LilitsMakeupStudio
Makeup Artist: Nelly at LilitsMakeupStudio
Green Dress: Sachin & Babi Noir
Black and White dress: Halston Heritage
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Jewelry: Colisee Design Inc.