Quintessential Romance at Hummingbird Ranch

Agnes & Ashot


A message from the bride

Describe your experience with finding the perfect location for your PreWedding Session: We were in the search for a location that had a very sweet and romantic style to fit our very own romantic personality style.

We absolutely fell in love with Hummingbirds Nest. From the beautiful Spanish architecture and flowering vines to the field with ranch style fences, we found the perfect place that was very fitting for us.


What are your recommendations/tips for couples before/during their PreWedding Session? YOU HAVE TO HAVE FUN! This is your time away from wedding planning to enjoy having beautiful memories captured of you & your fiancé so make an effort in choosing the perfect attire together and location that makes you both feel special. You want to feel amazing during your session, because if you don't, then you probably will be upset at yourself later for not trying harder to plan ahead to ensure you chose your favorite outfit and the best location. 

Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before and have confidence during your session because you will both look great and of course Rene will undoubtedly capture the best photos!


Describe the moment he proposed: I was completely surprised! The place he chose was so meaningful to us and it made it even more special. We love having picnics at the alumni park by Pepperdine University, especially when the weather is lovely. So the day he proposed, we were having our picnic on a beautiful day and during sunset, I saw him go down on one knee then when I saw him reach into his pocket to pull out a ring box, I was literally shaking! I had so many happy years, he made everything so romantic, It was truly an indescribable feeling that I will never forget. 

When the love of your life asks you to marry them, you finally understand what others meant when they said it is a hard feeling to describe, because surely it is a magical moment that you will always cherish. 


Interesting/fun facts about the couple or session: Ashot calls Agnes his white dove because the very first time he laid eyes on her was when she was on stage during a dance concert, dancing her solo called, “white dove.” He didn’t know her then but met her months later at a mutual friend’s birthday party and her solo was their ice breaker!


PreWedding Location: Hummingbird Nest Ranch
Hairstylist: Mary Stepanyan
Makeup Artist: Linh Tran of Studio Kay
Dress Designer: Amanda Uprichard