Beautiful Lovers: Met in NYC & Wed in LA

Victoria & Nareg


A message from the bride

Describe your experience with wedding planning: This perhaps was the most stressful time for us. Not only have we just moved from New York City to San Diego but be we were also planning a wedding in LA!

The Bride wanted an intimate 80 guest wedding, the groom wanted large 400 guest count. At the end, we compromised at 250 guests, and it was just perfect.

Overall wedding planning was a true family effort and we were very happy with the results, wouldn’t change that that time for anything.

How did you meet? We met in NYC. I was finishing my Master’s Program, while the groom was doing his residency. When we first met, and he asked for my number, he got so excited when he found out it started with 310. He is California boy and he always knew he wanted to move back after he completed his residency in NYC.

Describe the moment he proposed: He proposed the day before Thanksgiving. I was working late that evening and the following day we were headed to Boston. His parents were in town visiting, and they had gone out for drinks and dinner.

I had finished work a little earlier than expected, and he begged me to come join them at dinner. I was tired and grumpy...and guess what..wearing a poncho!! Obviously, I am very happy that I went out that night, but I do wish I was better dressed for the occasion.

When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, it doesn’t honestly matter how they propose or how you look when they do. As long as you know you’ve found the one for you, that is the truest, best prize of all.

Advice to future brides: Try to enjoy every moment of planning. As stressful as it is, you will miss those times you spend together finalizing all your wedding details. Also. take it all in on the day of the wedding.

The tendency is to want to speed some parts up but it truly does go by very quickly, and when the night comes to an end, all you want to do is reverse time. Enjoy every minute.

Interesting facts about the wedding: Our wedding was an international affair with guests that arrived from France, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, England and Armenia.

Wedding Reception Design Inspiration: We wanted it to be beautiful and regal but not over the top. It is so easy to get carried away with ideas and flowers and ribbons and all that. But at the end of the day your wedding is about two people and it should reflect both your taste. We love Taglyan Complex, it was just perfect for us, and their food is truly divine, we knew our guests would love it just as much as us.

For us, we kept it simple with a white and gold theme. Our cake and invitations actually had the same gold foil design element, which we loved. Further, we added candles to bring that romantic glimmer and sparkle. The bridesmaids were wearing beige and the flowers ranged between white & cream. What I loved about your wedding style is that the colors were consistent throughout which helped carry the theme.

What are your favorite moments of your wedding day? Our completely unrehearsed first dance! We just went for it. We chose a James Bond theme song from Spectre that still gives both of us chills when we hear it. It was magical, the time stopped for a couple of moments.

Wedding Reception Design Theme: Modern Fairytale.


Photography:  Rene Zadori Photography

Cinematography: Rene Zadori Photography

Wedding Ceremony: Saint Sophia Cathedral

Wedding Venue: Taglyan Complex

Floral Designer: Martha & Co

Bridal Gown Designer: Vera Wang

Bridal Gown Shop: Vera Wang on Rodeo

Groom’s Tux: Hickey Freeman

Hair Stylist: Glam Squad

Makeup Artist: Alyna Ajere

DJ/Entertainment: DJ Sevag

Reception Rentals: Rental Avenue

Stationery: Paper Source  

Cake: The Butterend

Wedding Coordination: Especially for you

Bridesmaid Dresses: Vera Wang White


Rene Zadori