Romance on Cali's Coastline

Orlando & Marina


engagement session on boat in the coast in southern California marina del ray yacht photoshoot for wedding

A message from the bride

Describe your experience with finding the perfect location for your PreWedding Session: We’re naturally drawn to the ocean.

We knew from the start where we wanted to do our photoshoot. It was an obvious choice for us. It’s our serenity, feels like home.

What are your recommendations/tips for couples before/during their PreWedding Session? Just have fun! And relax, be yourself and don’t over think it.

What was your favorite part about your session?: Our favorite part was doing the session on the private boat. It was so much fun! The shots Rene took look so magical, it was perfect.

Describe the moment he proposed!: Completely unexpected, he did it on his birthday! Orlando had everything planned in advance, and he even pre planned the whole thing to look like a birthday bash.

Our family and friends waiting to surprise me after, which made it that much more special. He proposed on the rooftop of one of our fav spots in LA.

Interesting/fun facts about the couple or session: Getting the shots we did, was a lot harder then it looks. We almost fell off and Orlando got sea sick towards the end. Oh and it was pretty hard to balance on a boat wearing stilettos, but so worth it!

What are you most excited about for your upcoming wedding?: We are excited about our wedding ceremony at St Sophia in Los Angeles.

And of course, being together with our family and friends to share our happiness.

A message from the groom

Tell us about your very first date!: We met at Marina’s work place. She told that she was in a relationship when I started talking to her for the first time (which was a lie!)... then years go by... life made us cross paths again to find out the she was single the entire time. I convinced her to go out for dinner and well, the rest was history!

Rene Zadori