Fiery Amour at Historic French Chateau


Sune & Shant

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A message from the bride

Describe your experience with finding the perfect location for your PreWedding Session: We’ve had a fun time planning our wedding, and choosing this location was no different! 

Rene and his team have been so helpful from the very first day we met them. We knew we wanted an outdoor location so we narrowed it down to our favorites and chose the Kingsley House. After doing our shoot, we’re so happy chose this location! It's a historical French Chateau surrounded with beautiful landscaping and a stunning staircase indoors!

What are your recommendations/tips for couples before/during their PreWedding Session?: You may have heard this so many times, but honestly just have fun and enjoy this special time with your fiancé!

What was your favorite part about your session?: - Laughing and making more memories of us two!

Rene is an incredible photographer! He guided us through the photo session and made us feel like it was just us and we can be ourselves.

I’m completely in love with Shant, so being romantic comes naturally, but I had a difficult time with the serious shots because I look into his eyes and I can’t help but smile!

Describe the moment he proposed!: The first time Shant & I went to Nashville, TN was in August 2017 for the Total Solar Eclipse. He surprised me with a trip to Nashville for my birthday because he knew I’ve always wanted to go and it was an experience of a lifetime as we witnessed totality together. We both fell in love with Nashville so Shant planned my birthday there again for 2018, except this time, he managed to get our sisters, some of our cousins, and brother-in-law to join us!

We all got to Nashville on Friday and went to Jason Aldeans’ concert that night! The next morning we all woke up excited to go to the beautiful Centennial Park. I woke up to a surprise visit from my cousin who is living in New York and I was so confused. I asked Shant if he knew she was going to surprise me and he said “yes, but no more surprises”. 

We all made our way to Centennial Park and as we walked on the bridge, I gave my camera to my best friend and asked her to take a picture of us, but Shant said “let’s take a selfie” (code for: get ready for the proposal). We took a few steps and turned around for the photo and they were all gone so Shant said “it’s okay, let’s just take some selfies” (he’s always so sweet to me). After we got a selfie we liked, he put his phone down and as we turned around, I saw our family holding up a banner that said “Let’s start forever”, I turned around and Shant got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

He spent months planning the proposal with the help of our sisters and made it so memorable at one of our favorite cities, with the people we love! We're both so grateful for everyone who came and made our weekend so special!

Interesting/fun facts about the couple or session : Fun Facts: We’re both hopeless romantics! The night we met, neither of us wanted to go out but our friends convinced us and fate brought us together. I know God made Shant for me, and I? I was born to love him! I always say that “God led us to each other, and then led us to Him”.

Fun facts about the session: I get camera shy so when Rene was taking pictures of me, all I wanted was for Shant to be beside me and Rene realized that so when I was looking over, he said something like “look at Shant like that again”.


Photography: Rene Zadori Photography

PreWedding Session Location: Kingsley House

Hair Stylist: Hair by Nare

Makeup Artist: Sofia Ashikian

Esthetician: Skin Care by Meda

Rene Zadori