Sweet Joy in Rolling Hills & Terranea

PreWedding Session

Alex & Neda

Terranea orange county wedding photography engagement

Describe your experience with finding the perfect location for your PreWedding Session: I knew right away where I wanted to shoot our PreWedding Session. My family lives in the South Bay and we are always riding horses and hiking up the beautiful trails in Rolling Hills.

With the flowers in full bloom, I thought it would be just perfect. Terranea Resort is also a special spot for Alex and I because we have visited so many times together with our families. Having the mix of land and water landscapes was an added bonus for us!

What are your recommendations/tips for couples before/during their PreWedding Session?: Make sure to choose a location or incorporate ideas that really speak to your sense of self. For Alex and I it was nature.

I have also been riding horses since I was little, so incorporating Diamante was the perfect extra touch. Looking at the pictures always makes me so happy because they capture all the things I love: nature, animals and most of all, Alex.

What was your favorite part about your session?: As much as we were in our element, Alex and I were also totally unfamiliar with being in front of the camera. Alex and I can't take one another seriously so watching one another posing was pretty funny.

We loved the experience, and the action shots were so fun. Importantly, Rene very much put us at ease from beginning to end.

Something that I really loved about our session was the variety that we had in terms of colors, textures and the dichotomy between land and sea. What a day it was!

Describe the moment he proposed!: Alex told me he had planned a "siblings dinner" one night. Myself, my brother and Alex's sister and brother in law were supposed to have dinner at his place, he even started a group text to "confirm" with everyone (haha!).

When I got to his place, he had tons of candles, flowers and pictures of us all around his place. He had even moved around (and broken) his furniture in the process. Alex has a mirror in his living room and he had written out his proposal on the mirror. I was so shocked I still can't exactly remember what it said. It was just the two of us and so thoughtful and perfect. He is just the best!

PreWedding Session Location: Private Estate in Rolling Hills and Terranea Resort

Rene Zadori