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Sheer Romance in Berta

How amazing would it be to find your dream wedding dress, when you weren’t even expecting to find it? That is exactly what happened to our bride Ani. She always imagined herself in a ball gown, but when she put on her Berta gown, she simply couldn’t take it off. She loved it that much. We are enchanted at how this bride took her awe-inspiring bridal look and incorporated it so well into your wedding reception. Take a look for yourself to see all the beauty there was, on Ani’s most special day.

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Elegantly Feminine Bridal Shower

Our glowing bride to be looked absolutely stunning at her bridal shower. We love all the oh so feminine details, with the pretty in pink vibes. Planning for the bridal shower you’ve always dreamed of is harder than it seems, but take Karina’s advice and don’t forget to just let go and feel the magic on your special day. If you want some awe-inspiring design inspiration for your bridal shower or some honest advice about planning for your bridal shower, this is just for you.

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